Natalia Hills y Alejandro Aquino


Beginning with their association at the end of 2012, Natalia Hills and Alejandro Aquino took on a Project that would carry them to complete an extensive World Tour. Alexander Prischopovfilmed the choreography in Moscow. “Chiqué” is part of the show, “El Tango,” in process.


Memorable moments for those of us who love to dance tango. Thanks to everyone who accompanied us in the opening of the Milongadel Puerto!!

During our short stay in Buenos Aires, we worked on rehearsing the show “El Tango” that in 2015 will debut in Argentina in its complete version. The show was presented in the form of a concert at the World Tango Festival of Buenos Aires in august, 2014. It is an honor for us that “El Tango” counts on the exclusive participation of Maestro VíctorLavallén.

"VíctorLavallénis a historical element of the tango. Born in Rosario in 1935, played bandeon for Pugliese between 1958 and 1968, founding member of Sexteto Tango, current director of the School Orchestra, composer and arranger, Lavallen is an emblematic figure of the genre, although in his wayhe has never ceased to renew himself.”(Clarín. March 2, 2014)


What the World Tango Festival, 2014 left us . . .

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Natalia is once more a member of the judges’ panel in the finals of the World Tango Festival 2014. As in earlier editions, Natalia Hills had the honor of integrating the judging of the finals in Stage Tango at Luna Park, here the argentine couple formed of Juan MaliziaGatti and Manuela Rossi won. Natalia Hills was a judge in the finals of Stage Tango, that closed the 2014 festival. Once more, she had the honor of being one of the seven-member jury that qualified the finalists in this dance competition. The tango was declared a World Heritage Art Form by UNESCO in 2009.


A gala Saturday: the great Baryshnikov also atended theMilongadel Puerto.


Natalia and Alejandro, overcome with emotion after presenting "EL TANGO."


n afternoon of refined tango that united teachers and dance aficionados of every age in a space in La Boca, where Natalia and Alejandro, together with the orchestra of VíctorLavallén, delights a public that cannot stop the applause. As a concert and sneak pre-view, the ensemble presented a sample of their latest creative work, El Tango, that included in its repertoire songs such as: La Yumba (Osvaldo Pugliese), Mala Junta (Julio De Caro and Pedro Laurenz) Gallo Ciego andMeridional (AgustínBardi).


An afternoon of exquisite tango that brought together teachers and dance aficionados of every age in the event NATALIA HILLS and ALEJANDRO AQUINO with the orchestra of VICTOR LAVALLEN


Natalia Hills - Alejandro Aquino, together with the orchestra of Maestro VíctorLavallén, "El Tango" puts on the stage the innovative style of the fifties in an energetic, contemporary language that seeks to transmit the legacy of master tango dancers.