Natalia Hills y Alejandro Aquino

Aquino and Hills debuted in Indonesia in the beginning of 2012during an event performed in the Mandarin Hotel, sponsored by Bazaar Magazine, BNB Indonesia, and the Argentine Embassy in Jakarta.

Even though the encounter was recent and the couple was artistically in the process of forming, both Hills and Aquino felt a mutual admiration and shared identical convictions in terms of the traditions, of respect for the tango greats, the founders and creators of tango, and the responsibility of transmitting this inheritance from the stage. For this reason, from the very beginnings, the objective is to return to the source.

During the following months, the couple began to practice and to experiment with the premise of bringing to the fore the essence of what has been learned. “The forming of a couple is not spontaneous. It requires dedication, understanding, complicity, and a lot of work. As a point of departure we resorted to the sensitive memory to the end of maintaining the spirit of the figures just as we learned them and to remember the emotion of each step. We appealed to the technical capacity of each of us and use intuition as a function of creativity. We immediately achieved a great understanding because we are definitively joined by the same passion for this art and the desire to pass along this legacy to new generations of dancers. We have the need to recover and recreate the dance of our teachers that is now ours, a treasure that is being lost and that could disappear if we don’t love and respect its roots.